Dell PowerEdge XE8545

Develop, train, and deploy cutting edge machine learning models, accelerate complex high performance computing workloads or host accelerated virtualization services.

  • Supports up to 4x NVIDIA A100s and NVLink in an air-cooled chassis
  • Up to two 3rd gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs with up to 64 cores per CPU
  • Extreme peer-to-peer bandwidth with PCIe Gen4


AI infrastructure without compromise

Supercharge your compute performance with a 2 socket, 4U system designed to optimize the latest industry technologies. Develop, train, and deploy cutting edge machine learning models, accelerate complex high-performance computing workloads or host accelerated virtualization services.

Optimized CPU & GPU performance

The XE8545 uses the highest core count AMD CPUs with the highest powered NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs for a large and powerful range of processing needs.

  • Combine the highest core counts (128) of the new generation of AMD EPYC processors and the most GPU memory and bandwidth available today to break through the bounds of AI computing.
  • Host multi-tenant environments using a flexible set of virtualization options: NVIDIA’s vGPU software and their new Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) capability.
  • Choose between 400 W and 500 W GPU options, while maintaining air-cooled (35C/25C) efficiency
  • NVIDIA-Certified System tested for performance, manageability, security, and scalability

Accelerated I/O throughput

The XE8545 stands out by combining all its components – NVLink, PCIe Gen 4.0, and NVMe SSDs to push the boundaries of data flow and computing possibility.

  • Achieve 6-7* the machine learning performance (2x the HPC performance) over today’s accelerators with PCIe Gen 4 A100 SXM4 GPUs with the highest peer to peer bandwidth (600Gb/s) in a low latency switchless design.
  • Improve machine learning training with 20x performance gain based on sparsity-enabled matrix multiplication and 600GB/s bandwidth for GPU-GPU communication, 2x more than the previous generation.

Simplified management

The XE8545 simplifies data center operations with the full OpenManage stack, standard rack depth, and air cooling.

  • Manage your data center efficiently and consistently with full iDRAC compliance and Open Management Enterprise (OME) support.
  • Readily integrate this innovative technology into your data center with a standard depth rack, and air-cooled (35C) chassis, avoiding expensive costs.

Fortify your data center with integrated security

Every PowerEdge server is designed with a cyber resilient architecture, integrating security deeply into every phase in the lifecycle, from design to retirement.

  • Enhance security with platform enablement of AMD Secure Memory Encryption (SME) and Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV).
  • Operate your workloads on a secure platform anchored by cryptographically trusted booting and silicon root of trust.
  • Maintain server firmware safety with digitally signed firmware packages.
  • Detect and remediate unauthorized or malicious change with drift detection and system lockdown.
  • Securely and quickly wipe all data from storage media including hard drives, SSDs and system memory with System Erase