Fortinet FortiExtender 200F

3G/4G LTE Wireless WAN Extenders

FortiExtender 200F Indoor Broadband Wireless WAN Extender
5x GbE RJ45 ports, each can be configured as WAN or LAN by software.


Extend Connectivity and Improve Network Availability

FortiExtender offers scalable, cost-effective, and resilient 5G, LTE, and Ethernet solutions. Driven by Fortinet’s unique approach of Security-driven networking FortiExtender allows organizations business continuity, improved network availability while securing connectivity with wired broadband and cellular networks. From secure point of sale (POS) systems to vehicle fleet communication, FortiExtender provides reliable broadband access to the internet and extends the value of the Fortinet Security Fabric to support fluid business operations dependent on remote device connectivity.

Security Fabric Integration
Integration with Fortinet SD-WAN and FortiGate appliances secures internet edge breakouts with a complete set of Web, Content, and Device security controls far beyond other industry solutions

Optimal Signal Strength
A single PoE cable provides optimal 5G/LTE signal vs complex, lossy antenna cables or limited strength USB modems. Dual SIM and Dual Modem options offer up to 5X network reliability.

Simplified Management Options
Manage your FortiExtender from the FortiManager, FortiGate, or FortiExtender Cloud dashboard, making network changes, security controls, and policy automation simple


  • Improves use experience though optimal 5G and LTE wireless signal
  • Provides secure network failover with out of band management (OBM), dual SIM, and dual Modem capabilities
  • Integrates with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN for ease of deployment, management, and security
  • Offers dynamic, flexible edge connectivity—switch links among ISPs based on data consumption, schedules, or ad hoc
  • Enables network access for remote sites and branches located beyond fixed broadband
  • Reduces WAN TCO through a single pane of glass management integration with the FortiGate Network Security Platform
  • Cloud-based management available and ideal for large-scale, geographically dispersed locations
  • Four LAN ports and routing capabilities enable remote connectivity and networking
  • Accelerates cloud connectivity for any user with flexible onramp paths to SaaS/IaaS